Description:  Students will work at Carlos Otis Stratton Mountain Clinic in Vermont and have the opportunity to participate, under the supervision, in the care of acute trauma, fractures, sprains, lacerations and other acute medical and orthopaedic emergencies occurring in a busy ski facility/community.  This facility is staffed full time either by an Emergency Room Physician/Internist and an Orthopaedic Surgeon as well as a full staff of Registered Nurses and X-ray technician.  Opportunities also exist to participate in the preparation for transfer of acutely ill or injured patients to level one or level two institutions by helicopter or ambulance.  In addition, students have the opportunity to observe the practice of an ER/ Internist delivering acute care to a rural community.  Direct patient contact is the major learning modality for this elective, including history taking, examination and diagnostic/therapeutic planning.  Patient presentations, appropriate procedures, and patient follow-up are expected of the students.  The students are expected to be integral members of the clinic helping in every way to “keep the line moving” during busy days and weekends.



From fractures to life-threatening events, from ear aches to stomach aches, from sore throats to sore muscles, our patients benefit from the highest level of care, right here at the base of Stratton Mountain.