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Patient Testimonials

"Everyone was kind & wonderful with my 12-year-old son, from the mountain rescuers to those in the clinic!  Thank you!" - Grateful Patient


"I was extremely impressed with the facility and staff" - Grateful Patient


"The best care possible.  Thank you Dr. Smith!" - Grateful Patient


"Excellent treatment with very knowledgeable medical staff" - Grateful Patient


"Thank you - great experience and care" - Grateful Patient


"Staff was great, it was quiet - I was the only patient at the time I was there" - Grateful Patient


"The staff is awesome!  Excellent care, thank you" - Grateful Patient


"You all did an OUTSTANDING JOB!!!  Thank you so much" - Grateful Patient


"How fortunate to have a clinic within a short drive.  An incredible jewel for the closest communities!  So Grateful....Thank you!" - Grateful Patient


"Staff was EXCELLENT and caring of our daughter.  We could not be more pleased with the services we received.  Thank you so much for all of your hard work - you all were wonderful!" - Grateful Parent


"Great experience" - Grateful Patient


"Staff was very courteous, doctors very professional.  Overall a terrific experience." - Grateful Patient


"So Impressed with entire staff from moment of arrival to entire clinical staff.  Very professional yet friendly and everything done in such a timely manner.  Even referral to top doctor at home to follow up with.  Thank you!" - Grateful Patient


"From ski patrol to your treatment and service, Thank you!  You were very professional and comforting." - Grateful Patient


"...The entire staff working that morning was compassionate, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  It was one of the best medical care experiences I have ever had and I want the staff to know how appreciative I am.  Thank you so much!!" - Grateful Patient


"Staff was great.  Thanks for being there." - Grateful Patient


"The whole staff were terrific, welcoming and gave me great care.  The Dr's diagnosis was 'spot' on.  Great guy!" - Grateful Patient


"Everyone was excellent!  We felt totally comfortable with the care you gave to our son!" - Grateful Parent


"I thought that the staff was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and helpful.  They coordinated well with the ski patrol transporting me to the clinic." - Grateful Patient


"The clinic looks great and the staff was wonderfull.  Great idea for after hours for familes coming for the weekend." - Grateful Patient


"Very happy with experience" - Grateful Patient


"I was very happy with everything, especially since I was 5 hours away and couldn't be there." - Grateful Parent


"Exceptional experience as usual!  Fantastic Staff!  Would be convenient if clinic accepted insurance directly rather than having to submit." - Grateful Patient


"I was involved in an accident on the mountain and brought via ski patrol to the clinic.  The staff was great.  A nurse named Stephanie was particularly attentive and helpful!  Much appreciated.  Thank you." - Grateful Patient


"So thankful to have such an excellent clinic and caring staff at the mountain.  Mary Beth in particular was fantastic -  following up with us afterwards to see how we were doing." - Grateful Patient


"To all the clinic, my sincerest thanks for your care! You were awesome!" - Grateful Patient


"Very professional service!!! Well taken care of." - Grateful Patient


"Everyone was very nice in getting me squared away after my injury on the mountain." - Grateful Patient


"From the moment I walked into the clinic, I was greeted with the utmost care.  The staff was very careful in not putting me into more pain." - Grateful Patient


"We were so pleased with the staff, the care and concern and gentle way they were with my son.  Excellent service and clean and orderly clinic!!!!  Also, if my son were there without us and I hope this never happens, I would feel confident in your treatment and care.  The staff took his pain very serious and were careful to not ignore the pain he said he felt at the time.  Very experienced and professional.  Thank you all for your help." - Grateful Patient


"Dr. Pasternack was so smart and kind.  He recognized the serious nature of John's injury and made sure he got the attention he needed!" - Grateful Patient


"As ill as I was with a virus, the staff went beyond expectations.  Thank you!" - Grateful Patient


"Great overall experience, just a long wait." - Grateful Patient


"Amazing Staff-Enthusiastic with my kids, knowledgeable and careful!"- Grateful Parent


"Thank you" - Grateful Patient


"Wonderful Experience!" - Grateful Patient


"Entire Staff made my daughter comfortable and not scared!  Thank you!" - Grateful Patient


"I'm very grateful that such quality services are available at Stratton.  Because of excellent and immediate care I received, my fracture is healing and I was able to avoid surgery." - Grateful Patient






From fractures to life-threatening events, from ear aches to stomach aches, from sore throats to sore muscles, our patients benefit from the highest level of care, right here at the base of Stratton Mountain.

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